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    Hey all,

    Welcome! This blog was created in 2011 to mark a great year of adventures. I spent six months in USA, including a month in NYC, and a further month traveling around Europe.

    I'm sad to say that 2011 is only getting more distant, but since then, I've used this blog to occasionally rant, vent and generally voice my opinion on a range of issues. Thanks for dropping by!


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People Kill People As the title of the article suggests, a 5 year old boy has accidentally shot dead his 2 year old sister. The offending weapon was a .22 calibre rifle made by a company called Crickett, which markets the product as “My first rifle”. Of course, the truly offensive thing about this tragedy (after, of … Continue reading

Paint Jobs, pt. II – Measuring Success Holden, who recently cut 500 Australian jobs, despite having received absurd amounts of government assistance over many years, has continued to notch up the failures. In April, the company sold approximately 1500 Commodores, or less than 20% of what it sold a decade ago. This is entirely unsurprising, and does not bode well for … Continue reading

Paint Jobs for a Wreckage

NB: First post in ten months! Well, I have nothing better to do than rant, so yeah. Welcome back, all two of you! It’s been a strange 12 months. Most of it wasn’t that great, but directing Com Revue, graduating and a kickass girlfriend (the first I’ve dated who actually likes cricket and scotch – … Continue reading

I’m Still a Billionaire, Bitch – thoughts on *that* IPO

Over the past few months, it is fair to say that the financial markets have been at the mercy of sentiment and pessimism. Weighed down by first the U.S. debt crisis, then the European debt crisis – Greece, then Italy, then Spain, then Greece again, then Spain again, and now back to Greece – investors … Continue reading

The Politics of Cycling

I observed a cyclist today riding against the flow of traffic at one of the busiest intersections in the CBD – the Park Street/George Street lights. He perched right on the corner, forcing oncoming traffic to change lines whilst turning to avoid him. He then began to ride head on towards the traffic, whilst said … Continue reading

Ask Why: A Tale for the Information Age

Jay W. Krueger is not a household name. By all accounts, he is a talented businessman, serving as Chief Strategy and Client Services Officer at PMSI, a medical services and workers’ compensation company based in Tampa, Florida. A graduate of the United States Military Academy, he has led many strategic endeavours with over fifteen years’ … Continue reading

A Spotless Record

Amongst the doom and gloom of financial forecasts for 2012, one could be forgiven for thinking that the Mayans were right. Still, it turns out of course that the Mayan “prophecy” for 2012 was simply a badly interpreted but widely spread inscription, not unlike American evangelist Harold Camping’s many attempts at predicting the day of … Continue reading

Corporate diversity and why quotas miss the point

The November issue of the Harvard Business Review (Corporate Boards: Now and Then, pp. 38-39) reported on upcoming findings from executive search firm Spencer Stuart about the composition of board directors within the S&P 500. The clear conclusion is that diversity, be it gender, racial or other types, has a clear way to go. Women … Continue reading

What video games can teach us about business

As a teenager, I spent many an hour playing video games. The first game I ever owned was Diddy Kong Racing on the old Nintendo 64. From there, I moved onto Mario, Pokémon and of course Zelda (I still consider Ocarina of Time the best game ever created). Eventually, whilst I still own a Wii, … Continue reading

A quick note on the carbon price

NB: This post was written in the immediate aftermath of the carbon tax being passed, but I forgot to post it… In the wake of the passing of the carbon tax, the Gillard government has copped perhaps the most flak for its price of $23/tonne. Alright, there are plenty of other criticisms of the tax … Continue reading